Sunday, January 17, 2016

Birthday Celebrations!

Our children are growing and thriving everyday! Come birthday time, we all relish in the celebration and collective praise of another successful year. We creatively decorate and cater using our own talents and skills, and a few special items donated to us by local supporters and friends.

We work together to prepare traditional Nigerian dishes in our outdoor kitchen, like jollof rice, fried fish and dodo (fried plantain).

Everyone gets to enjoy and share in the birthday treats and gifts. Mercy, who turn 7, is the Star for the day, however. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Nike Art Gallery and Elegushi Beach

On our way to Elegushi Beach for a day of kite flying, we stopped in at the Lekki Branch of Nike Art Gallery where we were greeted with a very warm reception by a singing troup and Mama Nike herself who welcomed us home. As we sang and dance in several Nigerian languages, including Urhobo, Hausa, Ibo and Yoruba, the children learned about Umoja and Kuumba, two principles of Kwanzaa relating to Unity and shared Creativity. Later, back at Nimbus, we worked on our children written and illustrated book in progress and rehearsed our play, Obama Comes to Africa.

The Little Free Library

The Little Free Library is a movement popping up all over the world, providing free books and building community at the same time. We have established our own little branch here in Lagos, Nigeria in an effort to increase literacy, bring neighbors together, and empower local youth.

Children's Traditional Cooking Class

The making of traditional Nigeria dishes is a practice in cultural recognition and bonding. Children from Ibo, Yoruba, Hausa and other Nigerian groups came together daily at Nimbus Art Gallery to prepare meals from scratch and then dine together and with the communty. Here are some photos of the food we made starting with Edi Ka Ikong, then Fish Pepper Soup, and fresh juice so mango, pineapple and watermelon. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Children's Art Workshop Community Field Trip

The children of The Nimbus Children's Art Workshop at Bogobiri House took a tour of the SW Ikoyi Falomo community. We stopped at several venues including the Ethnic Heritage Center, Floral Shop and The Culinary Academy. Afterwards, we reconvened at homebase to engage in an art project based on the experiences during the field trip. We love our community!

Friday, May 2, 2014

B. Lawson Works

"Mama Africa" by Babalola Lawson Dare 2014, Acrylic & Ink, $2,500

One of a new generation of painters dually influenced by the Oshogbo/Ife movements, Babalola Dare Lawson is a voice calling out in the wilderness for a return to the old in order to plunge fearlessly into the new. 

Babalola Lawson Dare 2013, Acrylic & Ink, $2,000

"Of Memory & Mind" by Babalola Lawson Dare 2012, Acrylic & Ink, $2,000

"Bush Life" by Babalola Lawson Dare 2013, Acrylic & Ink, $2,000

"Market Women Revisted" by Babalola Lawson Dare 2014, Acrylic & Ink, $4,500

"Shakara" by Babalola Lawson Dare 2012, Acrylic & Ink, $4,000

"Oya Let's Go" by Babalola Lawson 2013, Acrylic & Ink, $2,500

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